Final Sprint For Tre Kronor

A last world cup race in 2018 took place in the heart of Mladá Boleslav. Swedes Tove Alexandersson and Jonas Leandersson took control over the technical sprint distance and proved Swedish dominance ...

Ohlsson and Nykodým the best ones in tough middle

Karolin Ohlsson from Sweden and Miloš Nykodým from the Czech Republic dominated in today’s Middle distance near Valdštejn castle.

Swiss dominance in the sprint relay race

Sprint Relay is over. No surprises, all podium positions were taken by the favourites of the race. First place goes to Switzerland, second to Sweden and third to the Czech Republic.

Knock-Out gold for Wyder and Král

Final Round of Orienteering World Cup started with a Knock-Out Sprint, a discipline which is still looking for an optimal format before the first urban World Orienteering Championships in Denmark in...

In the course of this year, we only solved details

Here we bring the last of the interviews with the course planners. Now it is Jan Mrázek, who prepared those for the Sprint relays held in the Petřín area, scheduled on Friday.

Top 30 in World Cup after KO-sprint

Preliminary overall results provided by IOF

Presentations from TOM

Presentation from each Team Officials Meeting can be found under link "Competitors"

Bulletin 4

Bulletin 4 is available at Bulletins section. Check it out!

What is the way to victory?

Experienced duo of video-magicians Host-a-shake & Smokey Vitus shows you the way. Just have a look at the teaser ...

Knock-out sprint requires an extensive measure of the independence

The next course planner we have bombarded with questions is Jan Flašar (SK Praga Praha) who is the course planner of the knock-out sprint race - a discipline which is still a bit unknown.

Sprint will be the grand finale

Gradually, we are going to offer interviews to the course-setters of all races to learn something more, not just about the courses and concerning works, but also about the partiuclar disciplines. We...

Banquet canceled

The banquet, originally planned for Saturday, October 6th, was canceled. As the final sprint race is held the following day, its participants could not enjoy it, therefore the interest was...

Weekend session of main organisers

During last weekend, group of around thirty main organisers and participants met altogether for two days and two nights.

Bulletin 3

Bulletin 3 is available at Bulletins section. Check it out!

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